Restaurant in city center of Funchal, Madeira Island. Great Food, coffee, tea and drinks / Cocktails

Restaurant in city center of Funchal, Madeira Island. Great Food, coffee, tea and drinks / Cocktails

Classy, Gourmet, Exquisite and Elegant Restaurant

Our balcony guarantees you a view over the marina and the harbor of Funchal

Our Kitchen is open all day long.

We love early and late food experiences.

Give yourself a try with our
all day food experiences…

Lunch at Theos

Theos Food Experience - Lunch in Funchal

Theo’s Bazar Coffee is undoubtedly a space which combines the city and modern architecture to the quality of our services, with particular focus on the Mediterranean cuisine and variety of dishes that are included on the lunch menu (from light snaks to crispy delicious wraps, tasty dishes with fish or meat, and delicious vegetarian alternatives…).


to 15:00

Afternoons at Theos

Theos Food Experience - Afternoon in Funchal

And because Theo’s Bazar Café should not only be seen as a space for a coffee or a meal, it should also be looked upon as a space for pleasant moments of conviviality with friends at the end of the day, so it has during the afternoon a diverse offer of pastry made with products of the highest quality.

Undoubtedly the Scones are a reminder of the past of this once famous Tea House, adding to this a selection of quality teas and our homemade sandwiches, we have a complete Afternoon Tea scenario with the pier as a background and a sunset that will be reflected in a graceful flow of sparkling wine for an magnificent afternoon end.

Live Guitar Act

(14h » 17h)

to 17:00

Dinner in the center of Funchal

Theos Funchal Restaurant Main Lunch and Dinning Room

Appealing offer for dinner.
For dinner time – Theo’s Bazar Café – is transformed in a restaurant with a very attractive and diverse offer, all this with live piano music, to classic/electric guitar, from monday to friday.

Saturday being a more appealing day for a night out with family or friends, we give rhythm to your night with a duo of guitar and contrabass between 20:30 to 23:30.

The Combined Menu with a fixed price of 39.90 € p.p offers the customer the opportunity to go through a gastronomic itinerary combining food and drinks, available from Monday to Saturday.


Live Piano Act

(Wednesday; Friday and Sundays)

to 22:00

Cocktails at Theos. After Dinner Experience in Funchal

Theos Food Experience - Cocktails in Funchal

À noite uma seleção de vinhos que são acompanhados por queijos portugueses, variedade de cervejas portuguesas artesanais e internacionais, uma escolha de cuidadosa de Gins, Vodkas e Corre de qualidade que pode ser apreciados em nossa única varanda ao som de nossos músicos.

Live guitarr and contrabass

Saturday´s between 20:30 - 23:30

to 00:00

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For more than 50 Years…

It was the most renowned Teahouse of the first half of the twentieth century in Funchal.

Today Theos Bazar Café is a modern and cosmopolitan space, has a unique concept which highlights the coffee, tea and a pastry own home-made dessert.

At lunch you can expect a casual and simple menu, at dinner taste our delicious a la carte menu.

A Classy, Gourmet, and Elegant experience waits for you!

Suggestions & Specials.

Jazzy Walks - Sofia Petito
Restaurante Funchal. Almoce connosco! Agora com duas opções!

Live Music

  • Monday to Friday
  • 14:00 » 17:00
  • Guitar Live Act
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa Nova.
  • Mondays, wednesdays, Fridays
  • 19:30 » 21:30
  • Live Piano
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa Nova.
  • Tuesdays
  • 19:30 » 21:30
  • Live Classic Guitar
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa Nova.
  • Saturdays
  • 20:30 » 23:30
  • Guitar and Contrabass Duo
  • Blues, Jazz, Bossa nova.
Pedro Zamora Guitarrista no Funchal Theos Live Music
  • Thursdays
  • 19:30 » 21:30
  • Classic Guitar
  • Classical, World Music, Jazz, Improvisation

Thinking about a Special Event?

Our space can be reinvented to suit your best needs!

Let us know if you’re looking for a Group event; Business Dinner; Christmas Dinner Party; other?