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‘Please find bellow the all the moments you can experience at our restaurant.’

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Theo’s Bazar Café is an elegant space that combines the modern and citadine architecture to the refinement and quality of its services. Thus, Its visitors are led to a mythical journey to an exquisite and unique atmosphere, that dates back to the 50’s, in all its splendor and class.

Afternoon Tea. High quality Pastry and Cafeteria.
An elegance experience waits for you...
For Dinner

Our Kitchen is open all day long.

We love late or early food experiences.

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We craft our food and drinks.

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In the Hearth of Funchal.

We are located right in the center of Funchal. Around us you can find: Museums; The Cathedral; Funchal’s Marina The Theatre; Local stores; Palácio São Lourenço; 5min. from the Old Town and that Funchal got best to offer.

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From a glamorous dinning room to an outdoor balcony with sea view and to the main streets of Downtown Funchal, you can make any kind of events. Let us know how can we help you with your event.