Much more than a Café...

And because Theo's Bazar Café should not only be seen as a space for a coffee or a meal, it should also be looked upon as a space for pleasant moments of conviviality with friends at the end of the day, so it has during the afternoon a diverse offer of pastry made with products of the highest quality and by the hands of those who know the secrets of the same, of which we highlight Brownie, Cheese Cake, Apple Pie, Custurd Pie and of course the delicious Scones accompanied by homemade jam and fresh cream.
And of course to complement your Snack, we have 14 tea blends carefully selected with care from water temperature, infusion time, to cups where tea is served, everything is thought to detail, always to keep the final quality of the product at is best.Theo's Bazar cafe is much more than a modern café. It is your first choice.